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Come On Down to Celtic Knot Acres

We are a small Celtic themed family owned and run Christmas tree farm.

We open the day after Thanksgiving for the 2023 Christmas Season.

Your Tree is waiting for you!

We hold special events through out the year.


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Christmas Tree Lot Hours: BLACK FRIDAY 11am - 8pm,

 Friday 5pm - 8 pm, Saturday 11am - 8pm, Sunday 11am - 5pm, & on weekdays by appointment only.  Please Call to set your appointment .


For the 2023 Season we will be offering pre-cut Fraiser Firs trees 5-12 ft tall.  Our trees comes with our CKA FREE Tree-ific Care Package ($22 retail value) which includes your Tree Removal Bag, Tree Preservative to make a gallon+, and some surprises.  Visit our Gift Shoppe for habd crafted wreaths, ornaments, jewelry,  willow baskets, hand-poured candles, and many other unique items.


Céad Míle Fáilte - one hundred thousand welcomes!!! Celtic Knot Acres is a local family-run Celtic themed Farm. We are growing Christmas Trees(not ready yet),  and a beautiful Butterfly / Hummingbird Garden. We also offer many hand made items: Faerie Baskets, wreaths, pixie princess willow flower crowns, along with other seasonal hand made items. Thank you so must have for all your support and interest!! See you all soon!! Be Blessed!!!

Upcoming Events and Activities

What We’ve Got Planned For You

Christmas Trees

Christmas Lights


   coming 2024


Gift Shoppe 2023

Seasonal Products

We have seasonal offerings and Christmas trees to choose from here at Celtic Knot Acres. If you are like us and care about the environment, you’ll appreciate the fact that all of our items are locally and responsibly farmed. Due to our responsible farming and innovative techniques, we are able to sell our products at incredibly competitive prices. Come by to check out our products for yourself.


Handmade celtic jewelery


Seasonal Decorations

We’re proud to offer our customers handmade seasonal items.  Tree ornaments, wreaths, swags, baskets, Princess Pixie Flower Crowns, Faeire Minnie baskets, Flower Girl accessories, Handfasting Cords, and more. There are lots to choose from, and our offerings change depending on the time of year so you’ll always be surprised when you visit us. You should know that everything we sell at our store is grown responsibly and picked to make these items, so you can fully enjoy nature’s gifts.

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Celtic Knot Acres Merchandise

We have a t-shirt, ball caps, sweat shirts, totes, and more item available with our logo along with other Irish/Celtic designs on them

 CKA Hand-poured Candles and Wax Melts. 
We will offer year round and seasonal scents in a variety of vessels.  

Wooden Hand made ornaments in an array of designs.  Yes, they can be personalized.  

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Come on Down to the Farm!

Smithfield VA


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